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Venue: South Court Hotel, Raheen, Limerick Date: Tuesday 14th May 2013, Time: Sign In from 8.45am and concludes at 1.00pm with lunch.

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9.15am - 10.00am - Energy Performance Contracts for Ireland - Why and why not?

Energy Performance Contracting is being encouraged worldwide as an approach to overcoming cash constraint issues where we have energy savings targets to meet.  This discussion topic will look at some of the key issues related to energy performance contracts

  • Potential benefits of EPC’s?
  • Where have they been seen to work and what are the natural fits?
  • Barriers to successful EPC’s and the obvious/ apparent conflicts of interests?
  • What is M&V and where does it fit with regard to the contract?
  • Should independent verification be required or desired?
  • Who should carry the risk?

The international Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol, published by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation, (EVO) is the industry recognised “standard” for verification of energy savings.  The speaker, Ian Boylan is the only Irish Level 4 Certified Measurement and Verification Professional and instructs on this important topic in Ireland & UK on behalf of EVO.

Presenter: Ian Boylan - Energy Consultant, Target Energy

10.00am - 10.45am -
Boiler Efficiency & Cost Control – Reducing your Energy Bills and your Carbon Footprint
All boilers have an efficiency rating which will vary from what the manufacturer states it is to what it actually is in practice. However how many of us have ever stopped to question where our boiler losses are and if they can be reduced? Every percentage increase in boiler efficiency is an increase in company profits. Understanding these losses is critical in keeping them to a minimum. In this presentation, the speaker will focus on the more common losses associated with boilers. We will discuss how they can be analysed, measured and monitored on an on-going basis thereby ensuring optimum boiler performance and assisting in maximising company profits.’

Presenter: Kevin Frost, Director EnergyPoint Consulting

11.00am - 11.45am - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a versatile lean methodology which can be used to highlighting potential areas for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

OEE is calculated utilizing 3 variables; the actual time equipment is available for use measured against the planned time, the actual production output measured against the target output and the quantity produced right first time.

OEE was initially used as a means to improve production output however companies are now seeing the benefits of OEE from the energy consumption viewpoint as well. OEE highlights the impact of issues such as unplanned stoppages, slow running equipment, high reject rates etc.

The first step in the process is to establish the baseline OEE metric, this invariable reveals significant scope for improvement initiatives. Utilizing a proven problem solving methodology improvement initiatives are implemented to improve the OEE metric and consequently the energy efficiency of the plant.

A case study will be presented showing how a major British food company utilized OEE to significantly reduce its energy bill.

Presenter: Anthony McInerney, Lean Consultant, Almir Business Systems


11.45am - 12.30pm - Pumps: New Motor Energy Directives & Efficiency Improvements

Pumps account for some 20-25% of energy consumed in industry. This seminar will review the recent & forthcoming European Directives in relation to minimum motor efficiencies.

We also try to answer some of the following questions in relation to your pumps:

Where can costs be saved? we will look at the energy reduction which can be achieved through the installation of Variable Speed Drives (reducing a pump speed by 20% can reduce energy consumption by 50%. Which pump to choose? we look at the design criteria for selecting the correct pump & avoiding oversizing of pumps. Capital costs vs. running costs? w
e will also analyse the Life cycle cost(LCC) of a typical pump installation.

Presenter: Niall Ahern, Senior Engineer, EnergyPoint Consulting


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